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How We Started

The word “apotheca” was originated in the 14th century from the Greek word “apotheke” to describe one who prepares and sells drugs or compounds for medicinal purposes.

Started in 1980, Apotheca Marketing Pte Ltd has been one of the leading one-stop medical supplier in Singapore for 35 years, offering a comprehensive range of pharmaceutical products, fine chemicals and medical equipment. We have supplied the health care profession and health conscious consumers for over two decades, promising high quality products and unmatched customer service at competitive pricing.

Our vision is to be a leading pharmaceutical company with strong presence globally. Committed to improving people’s lives, we continuously work with industry partners to provide patients better access to high quality and cost-effective healthcare products. We specialise in trading a wide range of medical supplies. Our main product lines include pharmaceutical finished products, generic and branded, pharmaceutical raw materials, fine chemicals, medical disposables and medical equipment. We serve the following stakeholders such as:

nullGeneral Practitioners
and Specialists

With our extensive marketing and distribution network, we work closely with manufacturers to provide specialty pharmaceutical products or services that general practitioners and specialists may seek for.


We provide a comprehensive range products and services to both independent and chain pharmacies. Notably, our clients include the top 3 leading chain pharmacies in Singapore,  being Watsons, Guardian and Unity.

nullHospitals and

Trusted among leading hospitals and clinics, we continously maintain strict regulatory approval to ensure 100% quality assurance in the healthcare products and services that we provide.